We are happy to accept both guest posts and sponsored posts for our blog. Guest posts are a great way for others to share their valuable knowledge with the pet community and it’s also a useful opportunity for new writers to reach an engaged audience.

Guest posts must be well written, without grammar issues and follow the below guidelines.

Guest Post Guidelines

Topic – Something related to small pets, hamsters or pet owners

Length – A minimum of 1000 words

Quality – The blog post must be well written and provide value to readers of the blog

Format – Please use a main title, subheadings and short paragraphs. Quality images must also be used.

Links – Please include links to other Dwarf Hamster Guide posts. In return, you will receive one no-follow link in the author bio.

Tone of voice – Please use a friendly and informative tone of voice

To submit your guest post, please email contactdwarfhamsterguide@gmail.com  and include your title/topic ideas within the message.

Sponsored Posts On Dwarf Hamster Guide

Want us to publicise your product, service or website to an audience of pet owners? We are happy to provide sponsored blog posts and advertising space on this website for companies who fit the mission and style of DwarfHamsterGuide.com

Here are the rates:

Sponsored Post (Written By Me) – I will write up a high quality sponsored post including up to two do-follow links to your website. 1000 words minimum. Cost = £75

Sponsored Post (Written By You) – I will publish a blog post that’s been written up by you which includes up to two do-follow links. The post must be well written and contain a minimum of 500 words. Cost = £35

Product Review – You can send me your pet related product and I will review it on the blog. Cost = £0 to £20 depending on the value of the product

Link Insertion – Have I already written a post that you’d like to be mentioned in? I will include some extra text relating to your product/website and add one do-follow link to the article. Cost = £25

Sidebar Advertisement – Want to be featured on every page of _? I will add your logo and link to the sidebar of the site. Cost = £20/month

Social Media Promotion – I will promote your product or website across all my social channels. 2x Twitter posts, 2x Facebook posts and 1x Instagram post. Cost = £25

If you have any other sponsorship requirements or would like more info, please email contactdwarfhamsterguide@gmail.com