Hi, I’m Lewis – the man behind the blog! The first time I brought home my new pet dwarf hamsters, I knew absolutely nothing about the different breeds, diet requirements or even how to keep them. I admit, it was an impulse buy and not a responsible decision. Thankfully, since then I have learned a great deal about these animals and I’ve come to realise what rewarding pets they can be. These are the first pair of dwarf hamsters I ever kept >

My pet dwarf hamsters eating together

Over the years I’ve kept lots more dwarf hamsters, giving me a great deal of knowledge that I’d like to share! When I first picked up my hamsters, I panicked and tried to research online to find as much info as possible to help me keep these pets healthy. I found very little. There truly is a lack of good information on these hamsters which is why I started this blog.

I want to share my knowledge, help out other dwarf hamster owners and build a community for small hamster keepers.

That’s the end goal for this blog. Unfortunately, many small pets are mistreated and not cared for appropriately in their new homes. Hopefully this blog can help change that. A little knowledge can go a long way! Of course, getting people to appreciate these animals for the fascinating creatures they are would be a bonus 🙂

So what can I offer you? This blog is packed full of useful tips, advice and information for both the new and seasoned dwarf hamster owner. Check out some of the latest blog posts to see some of our work. If you’re a first time hamster owner, have a browse of our guides page – you’ll find some very useful tips and beginners advice over there.

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