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The 9 Best Cages For A Dwarf Hamster – Reviews & Ratings

Most of the hamster cages currently available are designed for the Syrian hamster. Dwarf hamsters have slightly different requirements and a different approach is needed to house these smaller animals who like to live in pairs or groups.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best dwarf hamster cages to buy online, or in a pet store. These hamster cages will be sure to keep your pet happy and provide a perfect habitat for a hamster to live out its life.

This is the most important decision you’ll make for your pet, other than choosing the hamster itself! That’s way it’s essential that your hamster cage is the right size, allows enough room for exercise and provides mental stimulation. Let’s begin!

The Different Types of Hamster Cage

There are a few different types of dwarf hamster cage currently on the market. Some use metal bars while other pet owners prefer to keep their dwarf hamsters in an aquarium. Here are the different hamster housing options, remember to choose a cage that fits your personal requirements while also keeping your hamster safe.

Wire-Top Dwarf Hamster Cages (The Classic)

The Ware chew-proof critter cage
You can’t really go wrong with a wired dwarf hamster cage. These habitats have been used by pet owners for years and that’s no coincidence. These are cheap hamster cages that are also very durable and easy to clean. They can have multiple levels and usually provide more than enough space for a dwarf hamster to roam (more on sizing later).

The main drawback of this setup is that wire cages will provide dwarf hamsters with the most opportunity to escape. Dwarfs can be amazing escape artists (particularly Roborovski hamsters), so always ensure the metal bars on your cage are very narrow, with no holes or gaps that could lead to an escape.

Another drawback of the wire-top hamster cage is that it can make a lot of noise. If your dwarf hamster enjoys gnawing at the bars, or decides to try and climb up them, you’ll be hearing quite a racket! Consider whether you’d really want to house this cage in your bedroom, it may be better off somewhere further away from your bed.

All that being said, this is still a perfect hamster cage that can house one or more dwarfs depending on the size. You can also easily add cage accessories by simply fitting them to the metal bars. A hamster wheel fitted to your bars will be much less likely to topple over compared to one that is freestanding.

Hamster Glass Aquariums/Fish Tanks

20 gallon fish tank
Another popular option is the glass aquarium. Keeping a dwarf hamster in an aquarium certainly has its benefits. With this setup, there’s much less chance of your hamster escaping as there are no gaps or metal bars it can try to squeeze between.

Another compliment of glass aquariums is they allow you to watch your hamster without the intrusion of metal bars. You can show off your pet in all his/her glory! These are quieter enclosures that keep your dwarf hamster’s climbing antics at bay, possibly making it a better option if you’re keeping the hamster near to where you sleep.

The main drawback for this hamster setup is price. Buying a new aquarium for your hamster won’t be cheap and while there are good second hand options online, big tanks will always be an expensive purchase.

Cleaning a hamster aquarium isn’t the easiest job either. They are usually pretty heavy to maneuver and you’ll need to be reaching into the corners of your aquarium every week. Also, traditional fish tanks usually don’t come with a tank topper. It’s essential you allow for proper ventilation to avoid the buildup of ammonia and keep your hamster healthy.

Small Animal Habitats

Image of the Kaytee Critter cage
These cages are hotly debated by pet owners, some believing they are way too small while others argue that their dwarf hamster loves all the stimulation it provides.

We’re talking about cages like this which offer plenty of activities but not a huge amount of space. In truth, these are the most varied type of housing for your dwarf hamster. They provide an interesting environment and can be great boredom-killers.

The best way to use this type of hamster habitat is to buy a few separate enclosures and link them together with tunnels and tubes. You can create your very own hamster mansion! Just ensure there’s enough space for exploring and exercise. Your pet’s health always comes first!

These cages can also be expensive due to all the different parts and hamster toys that have been incorporated. You’ll find that most of these small animal habitats will be suited for Syrians so take some time to research your chosen cages to make sure you purchase a perfect dwarf hamster home.

What’s The Best Dwarf Hamster Cage?

Wire-Top cages, glass aquariums and small animal habitats can all make perfect dwarf hamster homes. Just make sure you choose a cage that is escape-proof, has enough room for exercise and is able to house the number of dwarf hamsters you wish to case. It’s all about choosing the hamster cage that best fits your home, while also keeping your dwarf hamster 100% happy and healthy.

Buyer’s Guide – What To Look For In A Dwarf Hamster Cage

small dwarf hamster
There are a few features you’ll want to look for in a hamster cage before making the purchase. This is an important decision so be sure to pick a cage that suits your dwarf hamster’s needs.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Is there enough room for exercise?
  • Is there space for an exercise wheel?
  • Is there space for a hamster home?
  • Will the cage be too loud for your bedroom?
  • Can the cage hold the amount of dwarf hamsters you’d like to keep?
  • Are there any gaps or spaces a dwarf hamster could squeeze between?
  • Will there be enough space for extra toys and enrichment?

If you can answer yes to all the above, you’re new hamster cage is good to go!

Dwarf Hamster Cage Size

How big should a hamster cage be? What’s the best size for a group of dwarf hamsters?

When choosing a home for any pet, bigger is always better. A rule of thumb often used is 1 square foot per hamster but this is in no way a perfect answer to the question.

Most cages will state how many animals they can hold. This is a good guideline but do your own research. Remember that you may need to provide multiple food bowls, water dispensers and toys to avoid fighting in the group. Go for the biggest cage you can afford and if still unsure, send us a direct message on Twitter and we’ll be happy to advise you!

A large dwarf hamster cage will:

  • Take longer to get dirty
  • Reduce aggression
  • Provide more exercise
  • Reduce boredom
  • Allow for more toys

Ferplast Hamster Cage – A Great All-Rounder

Image of the Ferplast hamster cage
This Ferplast hamster home is a great all-rounder and should be a perfect solution for the majority of hamster owners. The main benefit of this cage is its bottom section which holds wood chippings (or any other substrate). This will promote natural behaviours in your pet, allowing them to burrow and bury their favourite foods!

Space isn’t an issue and gaps between bars are certainly small enough to stop your small pet escaping. The wheel is built into the cage which will save some room for other toys. Cleaning will be extremely easy, with the top half of the cage being completely removable.

Key Features:

  • Burrowing space promotes natural behaviours
  • Built-in hamster wheel
  • Plenty of room
  • Structure on two-floors
  • Transparent base

Price: $73.59 at time of writing (click here to see latest price)

Rating: 7/10

Hagen ZooZone Indoor Cage – Large Hamster Cage

Hagen Zoo Zane cage
The ZooZone is a large enclosure available in blue or pink. This will allow plenty of room for your dwarf hamsters to exercise and enjoy their toys. You can use the space to build your very own setup, including your favourite hamster homes and accessories.

The clear plastic allows for a complete view of your pet and once again, cleaning isn’t an issue with this enclosure. You’ll be able to handle and feed your dwarf hamster via the top access that’s built into the ZooZone. This cage will allow you to keep multiple hamsters while avoiding the majority of aggression issues due to the open plan style.

Key Features:

  • Large cage
  • Blue base with Blue tinted plastic top white wire
  • Also suitable for rabbits & guinea pigs
  • Includes water bottle holder
  • Flip up grill

Price: $149.99 at time of writing (click here to see latest price)

Rating: 8/10

WARE Chew Proof Hamster Cage – Best Multi-Story Hamster Cage

Image of Ware multi-story cage
Multi-Story cages can be very beneficial for dwarf hamsters as they provide more places to explore and encourage natural climbing and exploring instincts. The Ware cage above is a great example of this. The enclosure has even been built with chew-proof materials that will stop your pet eating anything that could harm it.

You’ll need to be clever with your accessories as there is less floor space in this hamster enclosure compared to others on this list. Place food bowls and water dispensers near the top of the cage and save the lower platforms for toys that promote exercise.

Key Features:

  • Durable metal with chew proof design
  • Features two front opening doorways with safety locks
  • 4-Floor design includes ramps and shelves
  • Well ventilated, fresh-air design
  • Very well priced

Price: $29.99 at time of writing (click here for latest price)

Rating: 6/10

Kaytee CritterTrail Habitat – Best Small Animal Enclosure

Image of the Kaytee Critter cage
One thing’s for certain, boredom won’t be an issue you’ll ever need to worry about with a cage like the Kaytee CritterTrail! This enclosure has lots of toys to keep your pets entertained and is the pick of the bunch when it comes to small animal enclosures. There’s definitely lots to do but this cage is best used in conjunction with other small enclosures to ensure your pets have enough running space.

This is the newest of the extreme activity homes for small pets. One of the downsides is how tedious this cage is to clean! There are lots of removable parts that will need deep cleans after a week’s worth of use. The CritterTrail remains a strong cage that is well-suited to keep young hamster owners interested in their animals.

Key Features:

  • 6mm wire spacing provides security for even the smallest furry friends
  • Includes a food dish and water bottle
  • Features a petting zone, exterior extreme wheel and front access door
  • CritterTrail Habitats are completely compatible to all CritterTrail accessories

Price: $36.99 at time of writing (click here for latest price)

Rating: 7/10

Ware Chew-Proof Critter Cage – Best Cheap Hamster Cage

The Ware chew-proof critter cage
While this cage isn’t as exciting as the CritterTrail, it’s certainly a great ‘bare bones’ cage that will allow you to create any interior you can imagine. I’d recommend this as a starter dwarf hamster cage. The price really is extremely good value, particularly due to the cage being ‘chew-proof’.

You’ll want to exercise your hamsters regularly if you go with this cage (using a hamster ball). This will ensure they’re getting all the running space they need. For the price, you can’t really go wrong with this one and while it’s not the biggest cage in the world, a good hamster keeper can definitely make it work.

Key Features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of durable powder coated wire (chew proof)
  • All metal drop pan prevents chewing
  • Well ventilated
  • 1/2 inch bar spacing – perfect for small animals!

Price: $29.02 at time of writing (click here for latest price)

Rating: 6/10

Ferplast Hamster Cage – Best Pink Dwarf Hamster Cage

The best pink hamster cage
This is one of the best pink hamster cages money can buy. A perfect cage if your children will be looking after the hamster! The tubing creates some extra space and provides some natural stimulation for your pet, while also allowing you to interact with your hamster without bars blocking the view.

Overall, this is a good-sized cage with bar spacing that no dwarf hamster should be able to fit in between, though I have been proven wrong before! The upstairs section is a great place to keep your hamster’s food, water and perhaps a small house (pictured) if you wish. Again, you’ll want to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise but this is definitely a solid choice for would-be hamster owners.

Key Features:

  • Large playing areas for hamsters
  • Tubing for dwarf hamster exercise
  • Plastic base and upper wire net structure
  • Easy to clean thanks to a removable base

Price: $58.19 at time of writing (click here for latest price)

Rating: 7/10

Pico XL Habitat – Best Multi-Platform Cage


Image of the Pico xl cage
The Pico XL is a very popular cage that hamster owners have used for years. The multiple levels make the cage stand out and also provide some great stimulation for your dwarf hamster. It’s good fun watching your pet navigate the different platforms, running across the different segments of the enclosure. The wheel is built in so that will save you some money for cage cleaning supplies.

There’s plenty of running space for your pet as the cage benefits from a built-in hamster home, wheel and water dispenser – very useful additions indeed. This cage will keep your hamsters busy all night long and you shouldn’t have too many worries about cage size, overall a very good option for dwarf hamster owners.

Key Features:

  • Large and feature packed home
  • High-quality design and finish
  • 50cm wide, 36cm deep and 47cm tall; 8.5mm bar spacing

Price: $52.57 at time of writing (click here for latest price)

Rating: 8/10

20 Gallon Fish Tank – Best Glass Aquarium For Hamsters

20 gallon fish tank
Using an aquarium as a home for your hamster is something many dwarf hamster owners opt for, mainly due to the much reduced chances of escape! No bars and no tubes mean your pet will find it much harder to find a way out of this enclosure, the glass is pretty hard for hamsters to climb too!

That’s not the only benefit of a fish tank. You can also create your very own cage design thanks to the abundance of floor space. You’ll be able to place toys around the aquarium while also allowing space for exercise for one or more hamsters. A 20-gallon tank is a solid option but bigger is always better!

Key Features:

  • Lots of floor space
  • Escape-proof design
  • Create a unique home for your hamster
  • Able to house multiple dwarf hamsters

Price: $71.50 at time of writing (click here for latest price)

Rating: 9/10 (when used correctly)

Savic Hamster Heaven – The Best Hamster Cage

Savic hamster heaven review

The best hamster cage to buy online or in a pet store! The Savic Hamster Heaven is a perfect size and has plenty of other benefits including hamster tubing, multiple platforms, multiple hamster homes, carry handles and small bar spacing. You’ll be able to keep a couple of dwarf hamsters very happy in this cage and the tubes also represent an opportunity to extend the cage even further.

This cage offers plenty to keep your pets entertained while also being practical and easy to clean. That’s why it tops our list! If you want a hamster cage where size isn’t an issue, this is the best option out there. You can keep multiple dwarf hamsters happy and entertained for a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Extra large hamster cage with lots of accessories included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality plastic
  • Large size

Price: $159.51 at time of writing (click here for latest price)

Rating: 10/10

Hamster House Travel Carrier – Best Dwarf Hamster Travel Cage

dwarf hamster in travel cage
When buying a hamster cage, it’s important to consider how you’re going to transport your pet if the need arises. It’s always useful to have a backup plan if your pet ever does fall ill and needs a trip to the vet. You don’t want to be transporting a big hamster cage! That’s where travel cages like this come in.

Travel carriers are a must-have for the hamster owners as you simply don’t know when you’re going to need to transport your furry friend. The hamster carrier featured above is a fine example as it is able to hold a small wheel and water dispenser which will keep your pet entertained during trips away from home.


Hopefully you found this article and you now have a shortlist of hamster cages that could be perfect for your pet. The Hamster Heaven is definitely the all-in-one hamster cage but the other options can all work perfectly too, it just depends on your setup. Hamster aquariums are becoming more and more popular and are definitely great options for your pet.

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